Romaine Loubes

Romaine Loubes

PhD candidate in Economics

Paris School of Economics

Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD candidate at PSE working under the supervision of Prs. David Margolis and Ariell Reshef. I am interested in development, trade and labor economics, especially how firm and workers adapt to trade policy in developing countries. Another part of my recent work addresses the organizational consequences of trade liberalization.

🌍 Since March 2024 I am also the Coordinator for East and Southern Africa at the World Inequality Lab

In Winter and Spring 2024, I will be visiting the LSE under the supervision of Pr. Rocco Macchiavello. Do not hesitate to write 🖊️

Scheduled talks : Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy Academic Conference, University of Nottingham (18-19 April 2024), SOLE annual meeting, Portland, Oregon (US) (3-4 May 2024), European Association of Young Economists Meeting, Paris School of Economics (23 - 25 May 2024), Journées de Microéconomie Appliquée (JMA), Université Catholique de Lille (6-7 June 2024), International Conference on Development Economics (JMA), (ICDE), AMSE (2-3 July 2024),


Econometrics (1st year Master’s)

In-person TA: Fall 2022, Fall 2023

Econometrics (3rd year Bachelor’s)

In person TA: Spring 2023